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Bash Roland

Bash Roland are a young, fresh and exciting band from Worcestershire in the West Midlands. They are well known in their hometown and are rapidly gaining attention further afield, with help from some high profile parties and BBC airplay.

Bash love playing their own music and have released a self produced album entitled 'On A More Serious Note'. As well as this they enjoy playing functions and events (someone's gotta pay the rapidly rising university fees!). Who would have thought such a young, versatile and sexy band could exist? No, you're not crazy folks, Bash are here and they're ready to inject some seriously funky lovin' into your party hole. 

Band Members:

Ed Haynes - Ed started his singing career as a young choirboy in Oxford. This explains his un-naturally posh accent and aptitude for live performance, but not his fetish for leather boots and pony girls.

Adam Smith - Ad is our main exponent of face-melting solos and suggestive facial expressions. He also provides the majority of backing vocals and can be recognised by his trademark inappropriate guitars.

Tom Guilding - Tom, Tom, Tom. The man so nice they named him thrice. So much to say about young Gil, but for now we'll leave it at 'he has a beard'.

Luke Fain - As well as a veritable god of the 'electric bass guitar', Fain is also pretty much our manager, promoter and sexy receptionist all rolled into one. Fain likes small puppies and appreciates good Indian cuisine.

Duncan Powell - Away from the drum kit, Dunk enjoys walks in the park and being caught in the rain. (by da poliez).

Peter Siviter - The most recent addition to the Bash family. Pete is a vet in training as well as a virtuoso pianist and when he's not playing lounge jazz in fancy restaurants he's elbow deep in various animals (literally).

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