ROCKAOKE are the UKs original, BEST and only SPECIALIST live karaoke band, inviting their audience to “live the dream” by taking to the stage and singing with a live rock band.

"So wrong - it's right! " - IBIZA ROCKS!

It really is dead easy. ROCKAOKE is a rock band who invite members of the audience to sing with them. There is never a shortage of people who are keen to jump on stage and sing with a LIVE band.

There is a list of around 200 songs to choose from. These lists are made available at ROCKAOKE Nights. Would-be participants are asked to provide their name(s) and select a song. When their turn comes, singers are invited to join the band onstage. Lyrics are provided either in books or on a screen but the music is "LIVE" - so no karaoke machines or bouncy balls :)

"The band make you feel like a proper rockstar. They don't make you sound like one but they make you feel like one." - Chris Moyles

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