Kid Fury

Kid Fury (born Franklin Noel Humphrey) is an MC and DJ hailing from Oxford, UK (not to be confused with the US blogger of the same name). Currently playing: Smut Wednesdays at Lola Lo, Fridays at The Retreat and Saturdays at The Mad Hatter in Oxford.

Kid Fury likens himself to a boxing journeyman in being someone that has for close to two decades exhibited all the right components to be one of the best at his chosen craft, but due to the rigors and joys of real life has rarely been afforded the time to focus completely on his dream.

Unafraid of being pigeon-holed as “old school” for wanting to adhere to the culture and values that originally made hip hop great, his musical tastes are spread far and wide but it is the feeling of having to mix, cut, scratch or juggle something in a particular way for it to be hip hop or when rapping knowing where the line in the sand is between hip hop and pop is that separate him from so many involved in the business of hip hop these days.

It would seem that Kid Fury has become a sort of “jack of all trades” type character known for being a rapper, DJ, radio personality, lover, father, promoter and music industry desk jockey and pen pusher, but would dispute and do what it takes to dispute the premise that he is yet to master any of the above.

Equally as adept on the mic as on the turntables he started building a rep for himself on 'Da Boom Box' radio show which was recognised as one of the country’s top shows in Hip Hop Connection in 2000 before going on to feature on DJ Harry Love’s first single ‘Ill Lyrical Behaviour’ before going through a period in life he only eludes to by saying “I should make more of a point of goin’ on about being one of those dudes that hip hop saved”

Finally back in the lab with an amazing group of beat makers and artists working on what would be a first solo release since appearing on ‘Ill Lyrical Behaviour’ after years of only flirting with the idea of making something to give back for “the free pass” his early achievements have given him.

Having opened live shows on the turntables and as a host for long time co-conspirator Chima Anya, Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth, The Pharcyde, Grandmaster Flash, Pharoahe Monch, Jean Grae, Jay Electronica, GZA, DOOM, Slum Village, Homeboy Sandman, Stalley, Wale, Speech Debelle, Rodney P and can add many more names to this list when we look at who he has conversed with in radio interviews who he has worked with in his various PR roles.

An artist who revels in the idea that his journey thus far has been less about the fame and fortune and more an elevation towards the legacy he'd like to leave behind. Having dipped in and out of the public eye sporadically Kid Fury has around 20 of personal achievements of which he admits to being either very proud of or humbled by... with all that said he really is only just getting started.


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