Marquee Hire

RJCC Events offer many different types of marquee which are described below. Planning a party, wedding or other event could not be simpler with in house production - meaning a one-stop-shop supplier for you or your clients.

When we have performed a site visit to measure up for the marquee we can then look at all of the different options available starting with flooring, carpet, furniture, linen and then onto the bar, catering, entertainment and of course how to power it all.

This can seem quite daunting when you are planning your first party and so this is where one of our event managers can come in to play who can organise your event from start to finish or provide individual services. We are happy to provide as much or as little as you want.

The marquees and tents we offer are competitively priced - especially local to us in Oxford. We are more than confident that our prices will not be beaten for the quality of goods and service that we provide, but if you have received a more competitive quote, we will try our hardest to beat it upon its presentation to us.


A marquee is the foundation of your party or event.

Based in Oxford, our team will guide you through the choices of marquees available. View our Price Guide here.

We can supply traditional pole marquees and tents, freestanding modular clearspan structures, also known as framed marquees, Bedouin tents, capri marquees, trispan or saddlespan tents, Chinese hats or witches hat tents, stretch marquees and even inflatable tents, inflatable stage coverings, domes and pods.

Wedding Marquee Hire Oxford

Marquee flooring, uplighting and linings to include black and white star-lit ceilings and dancefloors can also be provided.

If you need to hire a marquee in Oxford or cover for your event in Oxfordshire or neaby counties, we have the right one for the job.

Please get in touch for more examples. We can meet with you for a no obligation site visit where we will measure up for your marquee.


Clear Span, Frame Marquees

The most popular marquee we recomend when planning parties is a clearpsan frame marquee. These marquees are known as clear span structures because they have no central poles, like traditional marquee with guy ropes, which makes for an unobstructed view and clear open space inside. This makes them perfect for weddings, birthday parties and corporate events alike. We even use these marquees as an affordable solution to cover festival stages with an open gable end.

They can be installed on almost any surface from gravel, to grass and even tennis courts as they can be secured with weights instead of stakes (however we use pegs/stakes where possible which are advised in unsheltered areas and severe winds).

Clearspan Marquee with Cones Hire Oxford

This type of marquee is modular and can be erected in widths from 3 meters (10ft) to 21 meters (70ft) wide and almost as long as you need in increments of 3m.

Clear span tents are so flexible we can make L-shaped marquees, U-shaped marquees and join them together with a new cruciform design to make an open plan T-shape marquee which means you don't have any gable ends obstructing your interior view.

We can also provide hard flooring for all surfaces as well as carpet of almost any colour, coconut matting, walkways, clear window walls and clear PVC roofs so you can view the night sky.

If you need to hire a marquee in Oxford or cover for your event in Oxfordshire or neaby counties, we have the right one for the job.


RJCC Events Frame Marquee Hire Price Guide

The most popular marquees we recommend for most of our events are free standing aluminium frame structures without centre poles or guy ropes. Usually we supply them with plain canvas white walls and roofs, however they also look stunning with transparent windows and roofs. They are modular in design which means you can 'bolt-on' extra bays to make the desired length.

RJCC Events has strong trade links with many marquee suppliers and these prices are for a 1-2 day hire excluding VAT. These prices include installation and knockdown subject to customer flexibility.

To make a booking we require a 40% deposit and our Terms & Conditions signed and returned. The final balance will be due 14 days in advance of the event. Marquee hire / rental prices are shown on the guide below.

RJCC Events Marquee Hire Prices Oxford

Larger marquees are available, please get in touch for more info.

Extra charges:
Extending the hire beyond 1 or 2 days £POA. Transport- may be a charge dependent on Location £POA
Delivery or Collection on a Saturday 20%. Weighting / Drilling (If the marquee cannot be staked) £POA
Delivery or Collection on a Sunday 25%. Extension legs and long walls if required £POA
Delivery / Collection outside of 9am-5pm £POA. Excess Carry beyond 10m from vehicle to set-up point £POA
Specific set up or take down deadlines £POA. Delays -If we cannot gain access to the site as agreed £HRS

If you need to hire a marquee in Oxford or cover for your event in Oxfordshire or neaby counties, we have the right one for the job.


Stretch Marquees

Stretch marquees are spectacular for weddings, corporate events, stage events and private parties.

Their adaptable functionality make them a highly versatile way of covering many unique spaces such as gardens, terraces, patios and swimming pools.

Before & After Photo...

Before & After Stretch Marquee Hire Oxford

Anchoring to almost any surface, we can also provide side walls to protect from the elements, or leave the sides raised for both open and intimate feel with rustic wooden poles inside to suit natural surroundings.

Stretch tents have beautiful lines which provide a stunning way of creating an outdoor space that perfectly matches the atmosphere, theme or special event that you plan to hold.

Get in touch with us here for quotation.


Traditional Marquee

Traditional marquees are elegant and sophisticated in their design. The swooping lines of the roof fit in with the classic English country garden theme making them a popular choice for weddings and events that call for that extra bit of charm.

This type of marquee requires 1.5m (5ft) space for guy ropes and pegs around the outside. Supporting poles in the middle of the structure can be decorated with material, ribbons, fairy lights or flowers.

They look even more stunning when populated with round paper lanterns, bunting, festoon lighting around the outside or along the peak and linings of your choice.

Traditional Marquee Hire Oxford


Chinese Hat / Witches Hat Marquee

Chinese or Oriental-style tents that look like a witches hat are beautifully simple in their design with an eye catching pointed roof.

They can be used as an porch or entrance to a main marquee, as an extension to a house, the centerpiece to your event with a bar or as a chillout area with sofas, chairs low tables, cushions and bean bags.

We can join these marquees together to create a larger space, they can have walls and lining options as well as  special effect lighting.


Capri Marquee

Capri marquees are wonderfully unusual, extremely ey-catching and can be zipped together, with versatile closed white canvas sides, PVC windows or open sides.

Typical capacities range from 35-600 people standing and 25-440 people seated as several capri marquees can be joined together.

In the photo we used fairing lighting around the poles of the inside and around the outside of the tent for a wedding at Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire.

Capri Marquee Testimonial:

"Just a quick note to say thanks very much for the great job you did at our recent Wedding. We were both very impressed with your professionalism in helping to design the lighting; the fairy lights in the marquee and uplit trees look fantastic. We both also loved the disco and were very impressed with the both the quality of the equipment and your DJ!"

Mr & Mrs S, Charlbury, Oxfordshire, August 2012


Saddlespan, TriSpan, DuoSpan, QuadSpan

RJCC Events have a strong relationship with Saddlespan, TriSpan, DuoSpan, QuadSpan tents suppliers for festivals, private parties and corporate events in Oxford and all over the UK.

We use our experience in creating the perfect environment for your event, designing the perfect lighting and sound package to suit the structure and your audience.

Balliol College Ball Production Saddlespan Oxford

The saddlespan, tripsan, duospan and quadspan structures can all be used not only on grass but on solid ground such as tarmac and concrete using weighted ballasts.

The stunning, curvaceous design of these SaddleSpans create a spacious and spectacular area for showing off your brand or product and look beautiful in any space.

Saddlespan Marquee Hire Oxford

Get in touch for more info!


Big Top Circus Tents

Big Top tents are our favourite temporary structure for larger events... Apart from looking absolutely stunning with graceful lines and an eye-catching silhouette, they work exceptionally well for bigger events where bands and DJ's need a festival style stage and arena to accommodate many guests.

RJCC Events Big Top

These structures can also be used in a traditional theatre format, in the round, as a concert or clear space as desired. We can also provide unique curved tiered seating to match the walls and maximise the space available.

Best of all they are 99% blackout due to the thick canvas material - perfect for lighting effects during the summer.

Sizes range from seating 100 to 1600 and from 400 to 5000+ standing.

RJCC Events Big Top Hire Oxford

PLEASE NOTE: Professional Big Tops are generally speaking always round. Our supplier's Big Tops are not traditional marquees painted in stripes and passed off as a Big Top. A marquee by comparison is smaller, flimsy, not lightproof and has limited rigging points. Big Tops are huge, strong, lightproof and have lots of rigging points. Some pricing examples: A Big Top circus style structure for 2000 - 3000 people standing would be around £13,000. A Big Top tent for 250 guests in tiered theatre style seating costs around £17,000. Prices are for the first seven days + VAT*. If you need technical production, such as a stage, sound and lighting, bar etc (which we can also provide!) you will need to allow space and budget for this too.

Please contact us for a bespoke quoation.


The Igloo

The Igloo allows event designers to create amazing spaces with unparalleled levels of height and light at their disposal. Suitable for large productions, the aluminium structure can be designed in modular widths with PVC coverings. Available in crystal clear, white opaque, and black out finishes.

With a huge load bearing capacity, the Igloo can comfortably support sound and lighting rigs for some of the biggest productions imaginable.

Igloo Marquee Hire Oxford

Width: 30m as standard, also available in 10m, 20m and 40m widths
Lengths: Unlimited in 5m increments
Ridge Height: Up to 16m
Wall Finishes: Coverings are available in white translucent, white opaque, crystal and black out finishes

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